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Anonymous: goodluck with that! you do great

❤️thank you for that anon I appreciate it

Anonymous: cool, what do you plan on doing during your time off?

I need the money so working mostly and working out cause I’ve been slacking haha



Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.


"Stuck between wanting rough sex and sweet sensual cuddles."
-(via v-ogued)



i love getting kissed on the forehead so much it’s like they’re saying “hey i’m gonna show you affection but i’m not trying to get anything out of this, i just want you to feel happy” 

it’s in words




the fact that women have to fake orgasms so that dudes who dont care about giving them orgasms dont have to feel bad about not giving them orgasms after making no effort to in the first place is ridiculous

a lot of the time women fake orgasms to get men off of us because no one told us we’re allowed to say “stop touching me it doesn’t feel good”

Both. Both are true

Anonymous: what is your major? what are you studying?

I’m currently in school for communications but I’m taking this semester off





This time last year I was unemployed, broke, and suicidal.

Today, I just got the keys to my first house.

Give it time.

Needed this today

when you hear people preach that it gets better, they aren’t joking. if it’s not better yet, it will be. 

this post could literally be saving lives rn and that is why i love this website.

shout out to minimum wage workers have to work on labor day so folks with cushy desk jobs can have the day off.


me ✌️

"I need a nap and an orgasm."
-An Ancient Proverb, probably (via thegreatmadman)
Anonymous: that song makes me feel like shit

Same here. It leaves me with a weird kinda feeling.